Luxor City the Capital of World Tourism 2016

Congratulations the selection of Luxor city in Egypt as the capital of World Tourism 2016

Several media reports in different languages inaugurated such event

AlAsema News

AlWafd Newspaper

Opera Aida - Montreal - September 2016

Verdi's letters reveal that, throughout the development of the project born in the mind of Egyptologist Auguste Mariette, the composer's main concern was to make the story work above all else. Whether through the exoticism of the ritual scenes or the breathtaking lyricism of such arias as "Celeste Aida" everything becomes a means of dramatic expression. In Verdi's own words, Aida is "more intense, more theatrical" than any of his other operas.


استقبل المكتب الثقافي المصري الإعلامي البارز الاستاذ جورج سعد صاحب البصمة الواضحة في نقل صورة مصر لكندا من خلاله برامجه الإعلامية المميزة

وقد تبادل كل من المستشار الثقافي والإعلامي البارز خالص التمنيات بالتوفيق في كافة المهام

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