Lectures in 2017

Visitors of BCAC

Egyptian Canadian Community


Fusion of oriental and oxidental music in FMA - Oct 2016

Egyptian General Consul and Cultural & Educational Consul with Ouditar Group in FMA performance

Le Salon du Tourism et du Voyages - Participation de l'Égypte - Oct 2016

Egyptian Tourism Consul and Education & Cultural Consul in Tourism & Travel Salon

Egypt from the sky - a 10 day exhibition - Sep 2016

Egypt from the sky - Aerial photos from over 100 years

Lecture on Pyramids & music from Intl. Films about Egypt - Sep 2016

Egyptian Consul General receiving their Excellencies Consul Generals in Montreal

Egypt re-election in ICAO - Sep 2016

Egyptian activities in ICAO

Egyptian (Intl.) Students Arrival at McGill and Concordia Univ - Sep 2016

Ancient Egyptian Kings' Title relation with their political agenda - Sep 2016

Art Exhibition from Alexandrian Artists - Alexandria University - June 2016

Egyptology Lecture on Tombs at el Kab - Nov 2015

Prof. Leprohon from UofT lecturing at BCAC

Exhibition of Egyptian Antiquities Replicates - Apr 2015

Journée Mondiale de la Femme - Mars 2015

Literature Symposium - Dec 2014

Bibliotecha Alexandrina presenting Memories, Book and Caligraphy Fair - Jun 2014

Tourism Fair in Montréal - Oct 2012

Salon Africain de l'art, de la culture et du tourism - Sep 2012

Une Journée Égyptienne dans la maison d'Afrique - Apr 2012

Visit to Schools - Nov 2010

Dancing Group Reda visit to Canada - Oct 2010

International Culture Week - Semaine Interculturelle (U de Montréal) - 2010