Egyptian Embassy Celebration - National Day 2017

His Excellency Ambassador Motaz Zahran speech addressed to the invitee to the Egyptian National Day ceremony.
Amb. Zahran welcoming Dr. Hazem Saleh Egyptian consul for education and culture.

General Consulate of Egypt - National Day Celebration - July 2017

The Venue at the Egyptian general consulate inauguration of the National Day.
Her Excellency Ambassador Amal Salama with the Egyptian diplomatic delegation in Montreal receiving guests.

National Day Celebration in Ottawa

In July 2016, the Egyptian Embassy in Ottowa celebrated the Egyptian National Day in a reception that gathered Diplomats, Egyptians, Canadians and others.


His Excellency Ambassador Mootaz Zahran Egyptian Ambassador to Canada receiving the cultural counselor Dr. Hazem Saleh during the reception.

Inauguration of Egyptian National Day by the Egyptian Embassy in Ottawa (July 2016) - حضور ممثلي المكتب الثقافي احتفالية السفارة المصرية في أوتاوا باليوم الوطني المصري

Egyptian National Day Celbration in Montréal - 2016

The Egyptian General Consulate in Montréal also celebrated the Egyptian National Day as a yearly tradition gathering diplomatic community and Egyptian community representatives in Québec and other areas in Canada.


Her Excellency Ambassador Amal Salama Egyptian General Consul in Montréal receives guests in the reception along with Deputy Consul Minister Plenipotentiary Manal Abdel Dayem and Educational & Cultural Consul Dr. Hazem Saleh.

Egyptian Consulate in Montréal celebrates the National day with noticeable contribution of youth (July 2016) - احتفال القنصلية العامة في مونتريال باليوم الوطني مع مشاركة متميزة من الشباب
Jour de Fête Nationale - Inaugurating Egyptian National Day الاحتفال باليوم الوطني لمصر

Egypt re-elected in ICAO - Sep 2016

Congratulations, the re-election of Egypt in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) based in Montréal.

Félicitations, la réélection de l'Egypte dans l'Organisation de l'aviation civile internationale (OACI), basée à Montréal.


Figuring in the photo: Egyptian Ambassador to Canada, Egyptian Consul General in Montréal, ICAO Secretary General, Egypt's representative in ICAO, the Head of the Egyptian Aviation Authority.

Figurant dans la photo: Ambassadeur de l'Égypte au Canada, Consule général de l'Égypte à Montréal, Secrétaire général de l'OACI, le représentant de l'Égypte à l'OACI et le chef de l'autorité Égyptienne de l'aviation.

Inauguration of the New Suez Canal - Aug 2015

Célébrations de l'Inauguration du Nouveau Canal de Suez - Inaugurating New Suez Canal Opening إحتفال الجالية المصرية بإفتتاح قناة السويس الجديدة