Authentication of Canadian Educational Documents for use in Egypt

توثيق المستندات الدراسية الكندية للاستخدام في مصر

يقوم مكتبنا بتوثيق المستندات الدراسية الأصلية الصادرة من الجهات التعليمية الكندية المختلفة على أن يكون بيان الدرجات أصلي، موقع ومختوم ومغلق بمظروف المؤسسة التعليمية المختوم وذلك دون الحاجة لتوثيق المستندات من كاتب العدل

To authenticate university enrollment letter, we must receive a recent sealed original transcript directly from the University to be able to proceed (No need for Notary Public).

تنويه هام: في حالة تقديم المستند الدراسي لأي جهة أخرى خلاف وزارة التعليم العالي في مصر يجب توثيق المستند بعد ذلك من السفارة/القنصلية المصرية التي تقدم خدماتها للمصريين بحسب محل سكنهم بكندا كما هو موضح في الرابط التالي

Important Note: If the educational document will be presented in Egypt to entities other than the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education, this documents must also be authenticated by the Embassy / Consulate section that provides services to Egyptians in Canada according to their residence address as per below links


Our Office Requirements for Documents Authentication

Our office stamps Canadian original educational documents. All documents have to be water mark stamped from the University and signed by hand from authorized staff at the University.You must send the following documents:

  1. The original documents you wish to stamp (an official sealed transcript is needed to verify the information) - The enrollment letter should state program type (leading to which degree), duration of the program, status of the student (full time or part time).
  2. Documents shall only include educational information and not contain other information as residential address and parents names
  3. A written request from you (in Arabic or English) to the attention of our office director clarifying that you request us to authenticate the original documents that you sent to our office (please include your contact information specially cell phone and email)
  4. A money order to the order of : the Egyptian cultural office in Canada ( the fees are $40 Canadian dollars per document)
  5. A return back prepaid envelop with your full address (Please note that any wrong information on the return address may lead to loosing the documents)

Please send all the documents to below address:

1, Place Ville-Marie, Suite 1076
Montréal, Québec
H3B 4S6